Wallpaper – Choosing, Measuring and Hanging


Wallpaper – Choosing, Measuring and Hanging

Wallpaper is very on trend at the moment, but seeing a style you like in a brochure, online or in a store doesn’t always work in your own home. Firstly you need to work out how you plan to use the wallpaper in the room. Here are the various options:


1. Cover all four walls: A classic, simple stripe design hung horizontally on all four walls gives a fresh contemporary look. Large scale and simple designs will not overwhelm a room, but add a trendy twist.

2. Feature one wall: Choose a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight an area of a room, such as behind a sofa or bed. Designs with a hint of metallic or gloss will give a classy, glamorous touch.

3. Wallpaper a chair rail: If you are working with a chair rail that divides a wall, it is easy to bring unique interest to it. For a classic look, try paintable beadboard wallpaper for under the chair rail. Above the chair rail, hang a large-scale floral or damask for an updated look. Another interesting way to work with a chair rail is to anchor the wall with a pattern below it, such as dramatic damask wallpaper, and paint a coordinating colour above it. Adding wallpaper in this fashion creates a unique element of surprise not often seen in rooms.

4. Add interest to the ceiling: Get the look of tin ceilings, painted in a classic metallic shade, you can easily achieve a Victorian-style tin ceiling effect.


Now how do you know how much wallpaper your room needs? Simple, follow this guide:


1. Measure all walls and multiply the width by the height of each wall in feet.

2. Add all measurements to obtain the total square footage.

3. Deduct for windows, doors and other large openings.

4. Check the roll label for how much square foot coverage the roll gives and ensure the roll coverage is more than the total wall square footage.

5. The general rule of thumb is to order one roll extra than what you need. It is best to get it at the same time as the original purchase to ensure the rolls are from the same product run so there is no variation in colour. A consumer can ensure this by looking at the batch number. If the batch numbers are the same, then there will be no variation in colour. The spare roll is to account for an offset match and mistakes. You can always return rolls if they go unused.


Well that takes care of getting the wallpaper, that was the difficult bit!!! Hanging it on the walls, that’s easy – Just call us at Decomore on 0207 101 4466 or 07886 895 489 for a FREE, no obligation quote. We cover Blackheath, Greenwich and South London.

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